DHA Plot Market


Sahil Area phase 8 permission for constructtion is granted

DHA plot market will remain in steady mode.

DEVELOPED AREAS commercial plots are more in demand.

The electrification of Sahil phase ext is being carried out expeditiously.

BUT permission for construction has not yet been given other than zone A and zone B

These steps have created market confidence. Investors have started trading confidently.

The construction of MAJOR road NETWORK is finished in phase 8.  ZONE B is ready for construction Development Work in Beach streets plots ZONE C ,  Sahil is completed.  Development in  Zone D & amp; E remaining part  and business Zone plots is also completed utilities like gas , electricity yet to be provided.

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves is over 16 Billion USD, that needs to be improved.

Pakistan stock exchange (http://www.psx.com.pk/) is between 40,000-41,000 point mark.

The  government has announced to complete Karachi- Lahore motor way by 2018  and  developing Pakistan into developed one. Government  has to rehabilitate Pakistan , for its survival for that purpose strong growth rate has to be achieved, free of corruption and stress on self sufficiency. The positive change is being expected in this administration , the people of Pakistan are taking challenge themselves.

The GENUINE investors now have the full confidence in DHA Karachi Pakistan property market. The growth rate in the neighboring countries like China and India is above 7%, Pakistan is trying to make improvement in that area against all odds.

The very good location 500 sq yds plot in phase 5 and 6 is around 9.0 cror to 8.5 cror. 1000 sq yds very good location plot is around 13 to 16 cror.

Today the market prices of plots in different locations were ,  500 sq yd residential plot in D cutting,  phase 8 reached 6.0 to 6.5 crors, ,  Sahil 300 yd plot is at rupees 3.80 cror depending upon the street , sahil 500 yd around 4.6 plus CRORE. Defence streets phase 8, 4.65 crors.

2000 yds category residential plots in 3rd belt of phase 8, below 30th street were around 25 crores and prices above 20 street is upto to 35 crores.

1000 sq yds plots in phase 8 developed ares is above 15-16 crors.

The sale of bungalows. The 500 sq yd brand new house priced around 11.0 – 13 cror, 1000 sq yds was priced around 27 cror and 2000 sq yd was price around 50 crors  for top quality and top location houses.


DHA CREEK VISTA in phase 8 of DHA, KARACHI, PAKISTAN,  The price of four bedroom apartment was around 7 CRORS crors, 3 bed 6.90 cror. The market prices in the commercial areas of phase 8, Almurtaza commercial / Zulfiqar commercial 100 sq yds Rupees 7.0 cror . 100 sq yds plot on main shaheen is above 14 cror.

BEACH AVENUE 300 SQ YDS COMMERCIAL PLOT IS above 25 CRORS. after construction permission is given.