DHA Defence Housing Authority, Karachi is around 25 minutes drive, from Jinnah International Airport.

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DHA Karachi was developed in 1960s and today, it is home to primarily for upper class residents, who are assure of a luxury lifestyle. Thanks to facilities and services offered here. DHA Karachi is located on District South Of Karachi, and is surrounded Clifton, Gizri, Punjab Colony, Akhtar Colony, Naval Housing Scheme, Qayumabad and Arabian Sea.

Infrastructure is provided by DHA (Defence Housing Authority) Karachi and CCB (Clifton Cantonment Board) Karachi. All the utilities are available. Construction is complete in almost all phases from1, 2, 4, 5, 5ext. Construction of residential houses and commercial buildings is under progress in phase 6 and first three belts of phase 8. Whereas in phase 7 extension , phase 8 extension and remaining area of phase 8, constructions is not allowed yet, due to roads, electricity, sewerage, etc work is under progress.

There are around thirty commercial areas allocated in different phases of DHA Karachi.

Where business activities, like showrooms, supermarkets, restaurants, clinics, banks, gyms, beauty saloons, offices of real-estate etc takes place in a prestigious style.

The commercial plot size varies from 100 sqyds to above 1000 but generally 100 and 200 sqyds plots are in majority. Prices vary from location to location.

The Residential plots Categories varies in 100,300, 500, 666, 1000 and 2000 sq yds. Prices in developed areas are much higher than underdeveloped areas. DHA Karachi observes strict building bye laws code. No violations are allowed without heavy penalties, which one cannot afford easily.

DHA Karachi Area is relatively a very secure area of Karachi. There are three main Police Stations namely Gizri, Darakshan and Defence. Moreover there is DHA Vigilance Department which undertakes overall security of the area but primary task is to take care of illegal construction activity. Private security can also be hired here.

There are number of Social and Sports clubs AND parks located in DHA Karachi like 1 DHA CREEK CLUB. PHASE 8. DHA SUNSET CLUB. PHASE 2. DHA CLUB. PHASE 2. SOUTHEND CLUB. PHASE6. ROYALE RODALE CLUB. PHASE 6. DHA GOLF CLUB. PHASE 8. MARINA CLUB. PHASE8. AREA 51 BOWLING CLUB. PHASE 8. ZAMZAMA PARK. PHASE 5. NISAR SHAHEED PARK PHASE 7. HILAL PARK. PHASE 6. Whereas Seaview beach front provides ample area for everyone who wants to enjoy.

The other very important factor is investors confidence in trading dha plots, this due to the security and transparency in DHA transfer of records where title of the plots are handled in a computerized atmosphere. Investors and genuine buyers trade freely make good fortune in DHA Karachi. It is due these factors where sense of security, pride, social and civic amenities like mosque, clinics, sport clubs, restaurants and parks makes DHA Karachi best place in Karachi, PAKISTAN to live in .

The prices are at a very reasonable levels, almost upto 60 % off from 2005 levels , this is due to economic slowdown world over. This the best time to buy DHA plots. Commercial or residential.


1980 WAS RUPEES 25,000/- ONLY

1990 WAS RUPEES 15,00,000/- ONLY

2000 WAS RUPEES 30,00,000/- ONLY

2010 IS RUPEES 1,50,00,000/-ONLY